Lease Agreement

Date: _________________________

The Sloopy Group, and _______________________________(the Tenant or Tenants), promise as follows:

1.  Rent and Term. The Sloopy Group hereby leases ___________________________________ on __________________, for a total of $______________ for the full term of the lease, payable in Monthly installments of $ ______________ on the first day of each month, in advance, at PO Box 82446, Columbus, OH 43202 or at such other place as The Sloopy Group shall designate in writing. At the time of execution of this lease the Tenant(s) shall tender to The Sloopy Group $_______________ to be held by The Sloopy Group for the security deposit. Prior to August 1st, the tenant(s) must pay first months rent of $ _________________. The term of this lease shall be from _________________________ thru __________________________. If rent is not paid by the first day of the month, or if any rent check is returned unpaid by the bank, a late charge of $50 (fifty dollars) plus $5 (five dollars) a day will be charged as additional rent, which may be collected immediately by The Sloopy Group or at The Sloopy Group's option may be deducted from the Tenant(s) Security Deposit. Tenant(s) agree to promptly pay the monthly rental installments, without deductions, and to abide by all other terms, covenants, and conditions of this lease. Tenant(s) agree at the expiration of this lease to peacefully surrender and deliver the leased premises to The Sloopy Group.

2.  Surrender/Holdover. Unless agreed to otherwise, in writing, by both The Sloopy Group and tenant(s), at least 180 (one hundred eighty) days prior to the expiration of this lease, this lease shall automatically end. No holdovers will be permitted. A new lease must be drawn up for each year the tenant(s) reside with The Sloopy Group.

3.  Condition of Premises. Tenant(s) shall provide The Sloopy Group written notice of any defects in the leased premises within 5 (five) days of taking occupancy. In the event the Tenant(s) fail to so notify The Sloopy Group, Tenant(s) shall be deemed to have accepted the leased premises in its present condition, waiving all claims for defects or otherwise. Tenant(s) also have examined all appliances and furnishings in the leased premises. Tenant(s) agree at the termination of the lease to return the leased premises, appliances, and furnishings to The Sloopy Group in the same condition normal wear and tear accepted.

4.  Care of Premises. Tenant(s) agree to keep the leased premises, the improvements thereon, all fixtures and appliances in good condition. Tenant(s) hereby promises and agree that Tenant(s) will not cause or permit any neglect or deliberate misuse of the premises, appliances or furnishings therein provided by The Sloopy Group. In the event of any misuse of the premises, appliances or furnishings; Tenant(s) agree to bear the expense for the repair and any and all damage resulting from misuse. The expense so incurred shall be considered to be additional rent for the leased premises and shall be immediately due from the Tenant(s) at the option of and upon receipt of written notification from The Sloopy Group. Tenant(s) will not paint, change locks or perform any modifications to the unit without written consent of The Sloopy Group. Before Tenant(s) vacate the leased premises, a final Cleaning of the leased premises will be performed, including but not limited to; the cleaning of the carpeting, if needed, and cleaning of appliances, furniture and fixtures. If Tenant(s) fail to thoroughly clean the premises, The Sloopy Group, or their agents will perform the final cleaning. In The Sloopy Group's sole determination, this shall be deducted from the Tenant(s) Security Deposit at the rate of $45 (forty five dollars) per hour for labor, plus the cost of supplies.

5.  Occupancy and Assignment. NO more than _______ persons may occupy the premises and Tenant(s) agree to use the premises for residential purposes only. Tenants understand and agree that these limitations on occupancy and use of the leased premises are a material inducement for the granting of this lease by The Sloopy Group to the Tenant(s). Tenant(s) promise and agree not to transfer or assign this lease, nor sublet the leased premises or any portion thereof, without the prior written consent of The Sloopy Group which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. In the event such consent is given, any assignee or subleasee must agree in writing that the premises will be returned to The Sloopy Group in the same condition as at the commencement of this lease, normal wear and tear accepted, and that certain charges may have already been applied to the Security Deposit. Tenant(s) agree to look only to the assignee or subleasee for reimbursement of the Security Deposit prior to the determination of this lease. HOWEVER, IT IS EXPRESSLY UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED BY THE TENANT(S) THAT THEIR OBLIGATION TO PERFORM ALL PROMISES AND AGREEMENTS IN THIS LEASE SHALL CONTINUE FOR THE FULL TERM OF THIS LEASE. Tenant(s) and assignee or subleasee agree that their liability under this lease shall be joint and several.

6.  Security Deposit. Upon signing this lease, Tenant(s) shall deposit with The Sloopy Group, if not already so deposited the sum of $ ______________ which The Sloopy Group shall retain as security for the full and faithful performance by the Tenant(s) of all promises, conditions and agreements in this lease. The Sloopy Group shall not be required to apply said Security Deposit to any charges or damages for Tenant(s) failure to perform the promises and agreements of this lease, but may do so at their option. The Sloopy Group's right to possession of the premises for non-payment of rent or for any other reason, shall not be affected by reason of the fact that The Sloopy Group holds the Security Deposit. The Security Deposit if not applied toward the payment of damages, repairs, utilities, late fees, or costs, including attorneys fees, and as specified in Section 4 above, suffered by The Sloopy Group by reason of Tenant(s) breach of this lease, shall be returned to Tenant(s) within 30 (thirty) days from the termination of this lease. Tenant(s) will provide The Sloopy Group with written request for the return of Security Deposit and provide one name and address for the return of the Security Deposit. The Sloopy Group shall not be required to keep the Security Deposit as a separate fund, but may include the Security Deposit with its own funds. Holding or applying the Security Deposit shall not limit The Sloopy Group's right to exercise all remedies under this lease and/or provided by law, nor shall The Sloopy Group's recovery of damages be limited to the amount of the Security Deposit.

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