Lease Agreement

7.   Pets. ANIMALS (MAY_______) (MAY NOT _________) BE KEPT BY TENANT(S) ON OR NEAR THE LEASED PREMISES (initial appropriate blank). The keeping of pets requires written permission from The Sloopy Group, plus a refundable deposit of $150 (one hundred fifty dollars), a non-refundable deposit of $150 (one hundred fifty dollars) and an additional $35 (thirty five dollars) per month in additional rent.

8.   Abandonment. In the event Tenant(s) vacate or abandon the leased premises prior to the termination of this lease dollars, Tenant(s) expressly authorize The Sloopy Group, at their option, to re-enter and re-rent the leased premises for the benefit of the Tenant(s), without effecting a termination of the lease, and apply any rent received as a result of that renting to the amounts due The Sloopy Group from the Tenants(s) under the lease. HOWEVER IT IS EXPRESSLY UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED BY TENANT(S) THAT THEIR OBLIGATION TO PAY THE RENT SHALL CONTINUE FOR THE FULL TERM OF THE LEASE.

9.   Utilities. In addition to the rental, Tenant(s) agree to pay for the following utilities and services provided to the leased premises during the lease term, including, but without limitation, electric, natural gas, telephone, cable TV, internet service, and water. Tenant(s) agree to establish accounts with the appropriate utility companies for these services and promptly pay utility bill when they come due. Premises that are not separately metered for water will be charged $20 (twenty dollars) per person per month. This should be included with the monthly rent. The Sloopy Group shall not be liable for damages caused by the Tenant(s) failure to furnish utilities or services when the cause of the failure is beyond the control of The Sloopy Group. Please note that it is the responsibility of the Tenant(s) to maintain adequate heat in their premises to keep water lines from freezing and bursting. Damages resulting from frozen or burst water lines are the responsibility of the Tenant(s).

10.   Rules and Regulations. Tenant(s) agree to comply with the reasonable rules that The Sloopy Group deems desirable or necessary for the protection of the leased premises. Any breach of the rules shall be considered a breach of this lease and shall permit The Sloopy Group to terminate this lease. Tenant(s) agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Resident Handbook provided to them by The Sloopy Group. Tenant(s) further agree to abide by all applicable laws and police, fire, and sanitary regulations of any government entity, and failure to do so shall constitute a breach of this lease.

11.   Entry by The Sloopy Group. Tenant(s) expressly agree to permit The Sloopy Group or its agents to enter the leased premises, including storage areas, upon reasonable notice, at any reasonable time for the purpose of inspection, repair, or maintenance of the leased premises. Tenant(s) expressly agree to permit The Sloopy Group or its agents to enter the leased premises upon 12 (twelve) hours advance notice for purposes of showing the leased premises to any prospective resident or buyer. Tenant(s) also agree to keep the premises in a reasonable clean condition if The Sloopy Group is showing the premises.

12.   Limitation of Liability. The Sloopy Group shall not be liable to Tenant(s) for any loss or damage that may be the result of acts or omissions of other Tenant(s), their guests, or their pets, when such acts or omissions are beyond the direct control of The Sloopy Group. Tenant(s) agree that The Sloopy Group will not be liable to the Tenant(s) for any loss or damages to Tenant(s) or their property which is caused by a failure or malfunction of the sewer or water system, gas system, or electrical system when such failure or malfunction is the result of acts or circumstances beyond the direct control of The Sloopy Group. In the event that Tenant(s), any member of their household or their guests have reason to believe that they have or may assert any claim against The Sloopy Group for any personal injury, property damage, or any related claim, Tenant(s) shall notify The Sloopy Group in writing within 30 (thirty) days of the happening of the event which informs The Sloopy Group of any such claim. The failure to give such notice shall relieve The Sloopy Group and its agents and employees from any and all liabilities for such claim.

13.   Default by Tenant(s). In the event the Tenant(s) fail to pay the rent or any portion thereof when due, and a 3 (three) day notice in writing has been given to the Tenant(s) requiring payment of the rent or possession of the leased premises, The Sloopy Group may, without further notice to the Tenant(s) terminate the lease. In the event of said termination by The Sloopy Group for non-payment of rent, the Tenant(s) liability to The Sloopy Group for loss of rent as a result of the vacating of the premises (even if compelled by The Sloopy Group) shall continue until the premises are re-rented to a new Tenant. In the event that Tenant(s) shall default in the performance of any of the promises or agreements contained in this lease, other than the promise to pay rent, or if the Tenant(s) shall fail to comply with the Rules and Regulations incorporated herein or hereafter established, The Sloopy Group may give the Tenant(s) a 3 (three) day written notice of The Sloopy Group's intention to terminate this lease and at the expiration of the three days, the term of this lease shall end, and Tenant(s) shall surrender the premises to The Sloopy Group.

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